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Akita International University
Yuwa, Akita-city, 010-1292 Japan

email: nara_at_aiu.ac.jp
Phone: +81(JPN)18-886-5940 Fax: +81(JPN)18-886-5910
Location: room: A36

In Japanese:
ť᡼: nara_at_aiu.ac.jp
: 018-886-5940, Fax: 018-886-5910

Research Interests

  1. Quark-Gluon Plasma
  2. Relativistic Heavy Ion Collisions
  3. Real time simulation of classical Yang-Mills equation
  4. Non-equilibrium dynamics for non-Abelian gauge theories
  5. Hydrodynamical description of high-energy heavy ion collisions


  1. JAM:a microscopic simulation program for ultra-relativistic nuclear collision ,   get latest version of JAM
  2. MCKT ,   MCKLN

Personal Profile

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  • Introduction to Physics: PHY130 2007(Spring,Fall), PHY100/130 2008(Spring,Fall)-present
  • Physics Laboratory: (PHY135) 2007(Spring,Fall), (PHY105/135)2010(Spring,Fall)-2012(Spring,Fall)
  • College Algebra: (MAT150/115) 2007(Spring, Fall), 2008(Winter,Spring, Fall), 2009(Winter,Fall), 2010(Winter,Fall)-present
  • Math for Liberal Arts: (MAT100) 2009(Spring)-present

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